Types of Medical Devices

Our attorney, Bryson Cloon, filed his first breast implant rupture case in 1989, and has been handling medical device failure litigation ever since. If you have suffered serious injury because of a faulty, improperly installed, or inappropriate medical device, contact our knowledgeable and experienced medical device lawyer at Cloon Law Firm. We know the medical device industry and the status of cases filed against various manufacturers. Our attorney has the experience to obtain compensation for victims of medical device failure. Contact us today. We offer a initial consultation, with no obligation until we make recovery for you.

Types of Medical Devices

We have secured compensation for individuals injured by defective breast implants, defibrillators, pacemakers, and defective joint replacement devices. We have filed suit against Bristol-Meyers, Dow Corning, Baxter, 3M, Medtronic, and other manufacturers of medical devices. In addition, we have secured compensation for individuals injured because of the incorrect installation of medical devices.

How an Experienced Litigator can Help

In researching medical device failure cases, our attorney focuses on whether the manufacturer knew of problems associated with the device. He investigates what was known about the device, and when its problems became apparent. In that way, we can determine liability for continuing to distribute faulty devices. We also build a complete picture of the emotional and economic damage done to our client by the installation of a faulty device. In this way, we demonstrate the need for maximum compensation.

If you have been injured as a result of a faulty or dangerous medical device, contact an experienced litigator who has experience with medical device industry lawsuits. Contact Cloon Law Firm in suburban Kansas City.